The Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students

The Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students is a student organization founded in 1947 for materials technology students, with the aim of bringing together students in the field, organizing events, and advocating for the interests of its members at the university.

The guild arranges various leisure and recreational events, helps in developing the curriculum, and fosters a sense of community among students. Examples of organized events include career and education nights, traditional Finnish dining events (sitsit), sauna nights, themed parties, and sports events. Many of these events, such as Crayfish Party, Koeporaus, Annual Ball, Christmas Party, Excursion week (Helsinki International Students Week), Vappu Eve Beer Relay, Vappu Lunch, and the Vappu Tent (set up on Ullanlinnanmäki regardless of the weather), are significant parts of the guild’s history, fondly remembered by its veteran members.

The Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students is known within the Otaniemi community as a unique, lively, and visible guild despite its small size. For many, this close-knit community feels like home due to strong friendships, vibrant activities, and cherished memories. The community is highly active and involved in various activities, and the quality of humor within the guild ranges from poor to extremely tasteless, ensuring something for everyone. Friendships formed during studies endure, and the oldest alumni who participated in the Vappulounas started their studies back in the 1950s.

The guild’s activities rely on volunteer work, involving not only the the guild board and officials but also a large number of other members and alumni. This is a living example of the “Vuorimieshenki” (Mining Spirit) known within the guild. The board and officials are selected in the fall for the upcoming year and are responsible for organizing guild events and ensuring smooth operations. Almost all members have participated in volunteer work for the guild at some point during their studies, and everyone who has participated has praised the tasks as easy, fitting into their schedules, with one veteran member once stating, “the best parties are in the kitchen.” All members are welcome to participate in guild activities and apply for various positions, and those interested in materials technology or embodying the Vuorimies spirit are welcome to join.