Guild’s officials

Guild’s officials help and support the board with operation and organizing events. Guild’s officials are chosen in guild’s election meeting for a year-long term. Every guild member has a right to suggest a new guild’s official role if they see a need for such role or they have amazing idea how to improve activities.

Many guild officials are old guild actives who are keeping up the vuorimies spirit and help with the operation of the guild. Good examples of these are operations inspectors who always check how the guild has operated during the year. Additionally, the Garden committee consist of old board members who serve as advisors for the board.

A good way to get to be a part of the guild’s activity is through the role of the guild official. Help hosts and hostesses help the board with organizing events and are helping hands in many other tasks. Editors write stories with the chief editor to the guild magazine Wuorikautiset. Many board members and guild actives have been previously help hosts and hostesses or editors.

Contact any board member if you are interested in working as guild official in the Guild of Materials and Metallurgy students.


Help host\hostess:

Lassi Pekkanen, Ella Haravuori, Fanny Teissier, Erkka Koskenniemi, Juha Malinen, Miika Karjalainen, Mimi Tran, Aleksi Järvinen, Maija Filippovits, Lauri Puska, Niilo Virri, Arttu Saikkonen, Jyry Lilleberg, Joona Lakkala, Tinja Aromaa, Reetta Penttinen, Emma Kemppinen

Editors of the Guild magazine

Lauri Puska, Tessa Finnholm, Fabiola Lasar

Guild room correspondants

Erkka Koskenniemi, Boyan Song, Otso Kivivuori, Teemu Vuorela

Culture and sports correspondants

Maija Filippovits, Ksenia Kokkonen

Code of conduct-correspondants

Juha Malinen, Olga Partanen

TEK contact person

Juha Malinen

VMY contact person

Lassi Pekkanen

International papa

Claus Enckell


Eeli Klemelä

Archive correspondants

Mimi Tran, Juha Malinen, Ksenia Kokkonen


Mimi Tran


Arttu Saikkonen

Song leader master

Mikael Kallinen

Annual ball committee

Ksenia Kokkonen, Maija Filippovits, Julia Jänkävaara, Juha Malinen

Corporate relation helper

Maija Filippovits, Lassi Pekkanen

Web committee

Web responsible

Jonna Piironen


Ilari Sorvali, Claus Enckell, Alexander Lindholm

Garden committee

Head gardener

Juha Malinen


Lassi Pekkanen

Spare Gardener

Jonna Piironen


Maija Filippovits


Tessa Finnholm

Operations inspectors and their personal reservers

Operations inspectors

Lassi Pekkanen, Teemu Vuorela

Vice operations inspectors

Jonna Piironen, Mikael Kallinen