For Companies

The Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students is an association founded in 1947, whose members are united by strong traditions, culture, and an interest in materials technology and industrial fields. Those belonging to the guild include ore enrichers, metallurgists, developers of functional materials, and anyone interested in the field of materials engineering. Since its establishment, the purpose of our association has been to serve as a networking channel for students and companies, facilitating students’ acquaintance with potential future employers and colleagues.

The Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students is an active association that organizes cultural and sports events, company evenings, company visits, and recreational evenings for its members. Our most popular events include the Company Evening held at the beginning of each year and the Materials Engineering Evening held every autumn. During the Company Evening, representatives from different companies share information about their companies and summer job opportunities. The Materials Engineering Evening features a panel discussion between company representatives and students, covering topics such as industry, student life, and current issues.

The Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students offers visibility to its partners through the guild’s website and other social media channels, the guild magazine, or table cards at events. Each collaborative activity and agreement can be tailored to suit the desired format.

We aim to create continuity and sustainable partnerships that benefit both our partners and members. For example, the close collaboration with New Boliden has established a tradition of participating in the Jukola Relay with a joint team from New Boliden and the Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students. Through this collaboration, many members of the Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students have found their way into companies, where they serve as skilled professionals in their respective fields.

If you are interested in supporting the activities of the Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students and building a partnership, please contact the guild’s board. You can contact the guild’s board at