Guild Room

Guild room is the Guilds living room and a common place to meet with the other members of the Guild. You can take a quick break between lectures or spend the evening there with your friends drinking coffee, gossiping, checking social media, planning your weekend or (believe it or not) studying. In the Guild room and its vicinity you’ll find nice couches and chairs, TV, computer with a printer, toilet and a well equipped kitchen, where you can either prepare food, make coffee or buy snacks for those last minute test cramming sessions or late night movie marathons.

Generally the guild room is the responsibility of the guild room caretaker(s) to whom you can make suggestions about acquisitions or improvements. Since all the members use the Guild room everyone is obligated to help with maintaining the general tidiness by cleaning up after themselves.

If you wish to purchase patches for overalls, guild products (such as flasks or other accessories) or you wish to speak with someone from the Guilds Board you’ll most likely find a few hanging around lunchtime between 11AM and 1PM.

The guild room is open during the opening hours of the Chemical Engineering building. You need an admittance and an access control card to enter the guild room.

Opening hours

mon-thu 7:45-20:00

fri 7.45-18:00

sat-sun closed